I have been running the 3darchstuffs and offering a whole variety of easy to use video tutorials teaching you how to do real-time architectural visualization from scratch as an absolute beginner.

I have been covering a whole variety of different techniques and would love to give my full time and attention to the site so I can share my knowledge as best as possible!

My mission is simple, and with your support I would like to invest more time and money into my site allowing me to fulfill it's potential, transforming it into a hub for learning and inspiring by offering high-quality structured video content allowing you to start your pathway to learning software used by industry professionals to build your dream content.

I'm SUNIL KUMAR, having the dream of inspiring and helping others achieve their dreams... whether that's creating the photo realistic real-time architectural visualization or cool application. I live and breathe a passion for technology in all forms with my main area of interest being real-time architectural visualization!

I have vast experience in creating real-time architectural visualization and stunning graphics. With your help, I'd love to be able to share my knowledge, passing it onto you guys to build your dreams.

Although we have a dream and a plan we do need your support to bring this vision to life... with your help I'll be able to quit my dreadful dead-end minimum wage jobs and focus more of my time and energy onto the site, pursuing my dream of becoming a better person, someone that inspires and helps others fulfill their dreams.

With your support, not only will I be able to invest more time, but I'll also be able to buy better equipment and software, allowing us to create better quality content.

If you want to see the site succeed, you can help by purchasing the tutorials: