• Creating Procedural Environment in Unreal Engine 5.2

  • Achieve photo realistic result on your environment in unreal engine.

  • Create any environment based on your requirements from real world or of your own.

  • Understand advanced lighting and material techniques in Unreal Engine for your environment.

  • Learn all the settings for quality, optimization, visual impact of created environment.

  • Navigate as third person in your created environment with keyboard and mouse.

  • Render your scene as a high quality cinematic video and high resolution images.


3D Artists.


3d Visualizers.

Interior Designers.

Game Developers.

UE4 enthusiasts who want to use real-time for architecture.

Anyone who is tired of waiting for hours to render one picture.

3D artists who want to make their projects come to life in a game engine like Unreal.

Architects and artists who needs a better and more effective way to communicate their ideas.

Arch Viz artists who want to be on the cutting edge of the latest technologies in the industry.

Beginners, intermediates, and experts who want to apply workflow with 3ds max and Unreal Engine.

Anyone who wants to better understand how real-time can be used to render high quality cinematic videos and hi resolution image renders.

  • Complete training of Landscape tool in unreal engine for creating new terrain and modifying existing terrain as needed.

  • We will learn how to create an advance yet simple landscape material with procedural foliage tool included in it to distribute the foliage automatically, also called a Landscape auto material.

  • We will learn landscape spline tools for creating roads, railing and street lamps based on the deformation of the road and terrain.

  • We will be learning foliage tool in unreal engine in depth.

  • Downloading the height map of a real world location.

  • Using Photoshop to convert the downloaded height map to 16 bit PNG.

  • Landmass plugin for adding details in the terrain.

  • Smart brush system adding details in the terrain.

  • Water Plugin for creating ocean and lakes.

  • Arranging the imported assets for better organization and efficient workflow.

  • Modeling tools for accelerated environment creation in unreal engine.

  • Procedural foliage spawner tool in Unreal Engine.

  • Static mesh foliage..

  • Procedural Content generation in unreal engine.

  • We will be learning how we can animate cars on the roads of our environment.

  • How to bring the animated cars to unreal engine environment.

  • Lighting and material creation of our scene to make it realistic.

  • How to do the materials of the scene created.

  • How to do the post processing of the scene.

  • How to create the camera animation using sequencer..

  • How to setup the MRQ movie render queue for draft rendering.

  • How to setup the MRQ movie render queue for final cinematic and rendering the scene as an EXR images sequence .

  • How to do the post processing and render the video using DaVinci resolve or premiere.

  • We will learn how to create a new scene in unreal engine with all the proper settings for Procedural environment creation.

  • We will learn to activate all the plugins required for a procedural envirnment creation..

  • We will learn how to use free blueprints and plugins to distribute the different types of elements in the environment for adding extra details.

  • We will learn how to make the exe of the project so that we can explore the entire environment as a third person or first person.

  • How to use free content from Megascan and sketchfab efficiently.

  • How to use Lumen Lighting system in the most Efficient way on a large scale project.

  • How to convert the meshes to nanite with best settings and in an automated way.

  • How to troubleshoot the errors on nanite meshes.

  • How to use billboard trees in the background for performance.

  • How to create animated fog card for the far background.

  • AND Much Much More.


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And learn all the procedural tools for creating large scale projects in Unreal Engine 5.