Hi on this page you will find the review and experience shared by all that who had successfully completed the Unreal Engine Arch viz Masterclass online live one to one training course.


Jinesh Bhaskar (Dubai) :- jinesh13@gmail.com

My whole life, I am a YouTube learner but unreal is something that scares me all the time when I try to learn it myself. I find it easy after starting my course with Mr Sunil. Through my learning journey with Mr Sunil, I can testify that he is the best teacher who has enough patience to understand his students’ learning capabilities. He has got his own methods to teach and spends extra efforts to meet my learning needs. Once you trust him, he makes sure he doesn’t break your trust. I personally recommend him as a master in Unreal with years of professional experience in architectural visualization. I also find a technical mentor and a good friend in him in many ways.

Natish Thakur (New Delhi) :-natish.3dvisualizer@gmail.com

Hello my name is Natish Thakur from New Delhi (India). I was very curious about learning Arch Viz in UNREAL ENGINE.I have seen many online tutorials but I found them very difficult and it was not easy to understand them. But luckily one day I got the tutorials of Sunil Sir (3darchstuffs) on YouTube from which I got to learn a lot of things and that too with very simple techniques. After which I searched Sunil Sir online and got his contact number, I told him on whatsapp that sir I want to learn UNREAL ENGINE  from you.Then after that I started learning UNREAL ENGINE from him and believe me that learning time from him is my golden period of learning. Sunil Sir's method of learning is so unique that many big problems will seem easy to you. Because there is no such error or problem whose solution is not known to the Sir. Perhaps this is called extreme knowledge, which can only come with experience which Sunil Sir has. I highly recommend Sunil Sir to anyone who wants to step up their Arch viz knowledge in UNREAL ENGINE .

 Thank you Sunil Sir for everything, You are one of the best of the BEST.

Asif Awan (Pakistan) :- asifawan800@gmail.com

I am Asif from Pakistan, Sunil sir is very honest and helpful, I found sunil sir in google search. when I talked with sunil sir i realized that sunil sir is right person for me to teach me unreal engine. Now I am expert in Arch viz in Unreal engine, I can do by my self now, He is really honest person highly recommended

Benjamin Stranard (Belgium) :- benjamin.stranard@gmail.com

I am posting my personal feelings about the Man and his Masterclass Trainings.. I thought i knew everything and i could have been studying on my own.. I am very grateful because i learned a lot on myself. I was so stubborn in the beginning and he taught me these words : " patience , wisdom , methodology , fun and Passion. My work and my learning are speaking about themselves. I always wanted to be able do to 3D Arch viz in UE4 but i thought it would have taken a lot of time. And now, i have learned the workflow and the tips and Tricks from The Master. His class shew me the way and I must say i feel confident enough now for my work. Sun was very helpful and caring all along. He is an Amazing Teacher, a Great Man, a Friend. From all my Heart.

Rogelio Trinidad (San Francisco, CA) :- rbtamms@yahoo.com

I've been trying to learn Unreal Engine through YouTube, but it's too overwhelming for me. Then, I came across Sunil's tutorial on Youtube and found out that he is offering UE master class. He is very accommodating, so I decided to enroll. His style of teaching is very good because he will make sure you understand what he is teaching. Overall, I enjoyed what I learned and I will take all the Master Class. I would have not done it better if I didn't learn Unreal Engine from Sunil Kumar a.k.a. 3darchstuffs. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to step up their knowledge in Architectural Visualization.

Mohammed Khan (Saudi Arabia-Riyadh) :- designer4@gmail.com

I was looking for unreal teacher few month before i found on internet Sunil Brother, he teaches me lot, and he has vast knowledge from which you can learn easily, and he is user friendly. You will not feel boring while learning course. You can ask any question related to the course he will never ignore the QUESTIONS. I am happy with his teaching experience and he will answer your question after finishing the course at any time.

Alexandre Vrancx (Belgium-Fontaine-l’Évêque) :- alexandrevrancx3d@gmail.com

I had been looking for complete training for "Unreal Engine 4" for years.
I have been on a large number of online training sites but I never had the desired quality and a large number of questions remained unanswered. Then I discovered on YouTube the videos of Sunil and the great quality of his work, and I first bought the step by step tutorial from the Scandinavian house which allowed me to take a huge step forward on Unreal engine. After that, I still wanted to deepen my knowledge and I contacted Sunil to follow the individual masterclass trainings. It was an extraordinary experience. Sunil by his deep knowledge in UE4 taught me a quality of knowledge that I had found no where else. Through his years of research and development, I was directly taken care of in a very professional manner and he taught me a very high quality workflow. Design in 3ds max, optimization of scenes, optimization of lighting, creation of custom materials, implementation of cinematic ... Thanks to Sunil, today I have a wealth of professional knowledge and I can feel without difficulty in using Unreal Engine 4. In addition, Sunil does not see his students as numbers and friendships are also created. I therefore advise you without any restraint his training, whatever your level, Sunil will be there to teach you and bring you into a world of high quality.

Chetan Shinde (Bombay-India) :- chetan-shinde@hotmail.com

Best tutor for Unreal Engine 4 in Architectural Visualization. I was completely new in Unreal Engine and I knew learning Unreal Engine by myself is not easy and would take long time. So I decided to learn from sunil sir, now I am so confident working in Unreal Engine. Recommended if you want realism in your Architectural Visualization.


Ajay Dharamshi (Bombay-India) :- ajay3d@gmail.com

"My name is Ajay Dharamshi and I work as a 3d Artist in the real estate industry". My learning for unreal engine experience with Sunil Sir was really amazing. It was so enlightening to be with him in the class every time. He is a wonderful Guru and an amazing mentor. Thank you for all the support you gave and the knowledge exchange you did to extract the best out of me.

Abhineet Baranwal (New Delhi-India) :- abhineetb25@gmail.com

I had been working with Unreal Engine in ArchViz for past 8 months but was never satisfied with the results, as achieving realism was just not there in my projects. Having come across Sunil's work, I was impressed and asked for a one-to-one training session. One month of training has been a treat. His vast knowledge, years of experience and focus on optimization process helps achieve high quality results with minimal efforts. All the online tutorials do not match the experience of having Sunil teach me. Will always be grateful to him.

Kalpesh Jangid (Jaipur-India) :- kalpeshjpr@gmail.com

My name is Kalpesh Jangid. I am working as a 3d visualizer from 9 years. I was facing problems in cinematic quality rendering. So I join the Unreal Engine course from “Sunil Sir”. I am very slow in learning. But Sunil Sir make it easy way for me. Sunil sir have deep knowledge in Unreal Engine . As a good teacher he know how to teach anyone. If anyone want to learn Unreal Engine for excellent quality works I will recommend to “Sunil Sir”

Gaurav Saxena (New Delhi-India) :- gaurav3d@gmail.com

Sunil, is an amazing teacher and his way of teaching is unique. His learners never feel distracted while learning from him since classes are attractive, engaging, and enjoyable. He will remain one of my favorite sources of inspiration. I highly recommend all teachers and learners in this media to follow his fantastic stylized workflow.

Saurabh Narvekar (Bombay-India) :- saurabh24narvekar@gmail.com

Hi my name is Saurabh Narvekar. My friend Chetan Shinde introduce me to Unreal Engine. It's next generation software for 3D visualization. Now who will teach Unreal Engine? Here comes the climax, Sunil Sir the university of unreal engine software. He is the best teacher I have come across as far as Unreal is concerned. Very Humble guy and very friendly.... N he loves to teach, as far as I know him till now. He goes into details while Learning. Difficult software to study.... But no worries when Sunil Sir is there. Epic. Thanks Sir n my friend Chetan. Love u all.

Sasank Akondi (Hyderabad-India) :- sasank.akondi@gmail.com

ss 3darchstuffs ( Sunil sir’s channel). The quality of videos were mind-blowing and I was wondering if I could ever achieve that kind of quality. I looked for different tutorials online ( like Skill share, Lynda, Udemy, and many more). But let me tell you this. Don’t waste your money on those online tutorials, they don’t give you the basic knowledge of unreal engine.
After that I visited sunil sir’s website where he mentioned online one to one classes in unreal engine for arch viz. 
The knowledge and command that sunil sir has on unreal is unbelievable. He is very friendly and cares about his student, treats you like his brother. He is not going to leave you until you learn unreal engine completely. Best tutor in unreal. Thank you sunil sir. 

 Risvin Rasheed (Abu Dhabi) :- rizwinr177@gmail.com

Hello my name is Risvin Rasheed from abudhabi . I need clear course with out any crushes during in my project's starting to learn master class  from sunil sir its amazing and very useful because all issue solved him . He have lot of a experience in unreal engine and he supporting me after finish the course .he have amazing knowledge  and teaching skill .and i decide to learn another course from him. personally highly recommend him as masterclass in unreal engine.

Dwayne Elahie (Canada) cilsya@yahoo.com

I cannot thank Sunil enough for the amazing learning experience he have provided me. His exceptional knowledge, expertise, and teaching skills have helped me to improve my understanding and expand my skillset in the various subject matters tremendously via his Master Classes. He have been patient, supportive, and always willing to go above and beyond to help me achieve my goals. With his guidance, I have not only gained a better grasp of the various subject matters but also increased my confidence in my abilities. I highly recommend Sunil to anyone seeking to excel in their career.


Manoj Kalra (Hyderabad. India) manojankarla9595@gmail.com

Hello! My Name is Manoj I am New to Unreal Engine. I was Interested to create an Architecture Visualization with realism, Firstly I thought it was an easy process to do. But it is not easy to get the Realism, One Fineday I saw a video in YouTube of architecture visualization @3darchstuffs channel, the realism in the video was mind-blowing, I contacted Sunil Sir. He started teaching me on One to One, by patience we can learn easily from his methodology and also sunil sir is very friendly, I hardly recommend Sunil Sir, He is the best tutor if you are interested in making an arch viz Projects with Mind-Blowing Realism.


Yogesh Gadkari (Bombay): - yogeshgadkari1982@gmail.com

I can guarantee that how much support Sunil has towards his students. I finally have the confidence to call myself an Unreal artist. He has also taught me techniques from his own experience in Master classes. Thanks to Sunil Kumar, I had searched all over, but he is one of the best I have found to guide in Unreal Engine and 3d Visualization and he has promised to support even after course finished in future, that is great thing about him.


Giacomo Carmassi (Pisa_Italy) :- giacomo.carmassi@gmail.com

Hello my name is Giacomo Carmassi from Pisa (Italy). I needed a clear course without wasting time in the field of architecture. I've seen many tutorials online but no one explained or seemed to have the skills to specify what one had to do to get a level result without getting lost in the way of UNREAL. As a professional who works in the field of rendering and animations with traditional rendering programs, I can say with certainty that my friend Sunil knows where to put his hands to achieve the result. In addition to being a teacher, I found a lifelong friend, charismatic and rich in values. This is why I will cultivate our friendship for my whole life.

You are great Sunil, that karma be with you my friend.

 Amandeep Singh (Rohini, New Delhi) :- 

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that sunil sir is a master in UNREAL ENGINE  I am glad I Decided to take Classes  with him, it really Great how easy he described me all chapters. he push students to take your thought to next level He is  very kind person and friendly nature thats help students to learn a depth knowledge of Unreal Engine, Again Thanks a lot  sir  to give me right direction of  my career. 

 Susheel Sangwan. (susheel.sangwan@gmail.com)

What an amazing teacher, Teaching you out of the box if you are interested in learning. The entire course was really good for me learnt a lot from him. i recommend everyone if you want to learn in short period of time. 

 Asad Ansari (Thane, Maharashtra) :- 

Asad Ansari from Mumbai (India) here, I'm so glad I found this architecture course without wasting time. There were many tutorials available online, but none of them prepared me for how to utilize UNREAL ENGINE like Sunil sir did! This is the first one-on-one class I've ever had in my 12 years of architecural career and it's really helping shape my future. Not only does he serve as an excellent teacher, Sunil sir has become a close friend with such great values. Our friendship will last forever and never fade. You're amazing, Sunil Sir- stay blessed!

 Arun Nayak ( Odisha, Bhubaneshwar) :- arcbuildcon.com@gmail.com

Hello everyone, My self ARUN NAYAK, from Odisha(Bhubaneswar) as a 3D interior designer, for past few months, I tried to learn Unreal engine and searched for someone who can teach me online. After lot of searching, I saw some projects on 3darchstuffs channel on YouTube. Which was very awesome. I felt very concerned and contacted him. Then I talked to Sunil sir. After talking to Sunil sir, I came to know that he has 11 years of experience in Unreal Engine . In few days I started doing LGPULM course in Unreal Engine. The whole class was awesome and got to know about Unreal Engine a lot. The technique and method used by Sunil Sir, was awesome. And I have never seen such a mentor anywhere. Thanks a lot Sunil Sir (@3darchstuffs).