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You will get the models from the scene that are already well optimized with materials applied to be used in your own Unreal Engine projects.

Movie Render Queue settings and presets for high quality cinematic render of your projects.

Use it as templates for making your project, that way all the settings are already done for you in the project.

Blueprint system with features of taking photos through in built camera tool, switching from fps to drone mode, switch fps on  or off, switch LOD on off, enable RTX reflection in your project in game for better realism, increase or decrease the engine scalability for better performance based on the graphic card you have.

Project settings for an optimized scene in real time using unreal engine.

Highly Customizable master materials for opaque objects, translucent objects, foliage, sky, and missive objects that you can use in your own arch viz project.

Camera shakes BP for using in your cameras for better cinematic animation.

Unreal Engine user interface in the project properly set for doing arch viz scene in Unreal Engine in an efficient way.

You can use the scene for reverse engineering to learn how the lighting, material and optimization of the meshes of scene has been done.











This project is done in Unreal Engine 5 using baked lighting technique with the help of Epic GPU Light mass.

We used Epic GPULM because its the most realistic rendering technology available right now in unreal engine for a Real Time and VR experience on your unreal engine projects, and one more reason to use EGPULM was the speed of the light bake and can be used on PC with any graphic card.

The scene is with with improved lighting and ray traced reflections. All light maps are baked with a EPIC GPU baker, we used ray tracing to give you the best quality reflections. If you do not have RTX graphics card, don't worry - its already turned off which you can enable from the menu that comes when tab is pressed. Enjoy the scenes with baked lighting and ray tracing reflection and translucency. The scene has 22 animated cinematic cameras included, 11 for PC and 11 for social media. You can move freely in the scene in first person or in drone mode using the blueprint. We put a great effort to make this scene photo realistic with great performance! We made the improvements in geometry of existing objects to optimize their behavior in Unreal Engine.

You will find highly configurable master materials for arch viz scenes inside the content folder for all major types of materials like opaque, translucent, fabric,foliage, missive and sky. Most of the textures are 2k resolution, for better performance in real time and in VR.

The whole scene is optimized for any GPU you have, if you don't have RTX GPU then go to project settings windows and change the direct x 12 to direct x 11 and let the engine compile the shaders after that the project will just run on any GPU you have. We also recommend installing Nvidia DLSS for greater performance if you have RTX Card.

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Get full immersion! With this scene, you can experience the architectural scenes as never before. The scene is done in Unreal Engine 5 using Epic GPULM compatible with RTX graphics cards. The scene is done with improved lighting and reflections, new textures and materials, all the models are highly optimized geometry.

 Collision: Yes, on all objects.

Triangles drawn. 500000-2000000.

DrawPrimitive Calls. 300-1000.

LODs: Yes. Highly optimized LODs are done on all the objects.

LOW POLY. The number of triangle have been reduced on all the objects having more than 25K triangles making the meshes highly optimized.

Number of Unique Meshes: above 100.

Number of Materials and Material Instances: above 100.

Number of Textures: above 100.

Texture Resolutions: 1K to 4K.


Some Epic Free to use Epic Contents are used to make the scene like mega-scan, advance glass pack and automotive material pack.

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: YES

Mac: YES

Important/Additional Notes: If you don't have the RTX card, go in projects settings, windows and change the default RHI to  direct x 11 and you will be able to run the project on any graphic card you may have, if you own a very old graphics card the quality of reflection will be different than in RTX version.